June 3, 2023 Eugene

Footsteps…..the thud of an empty bucket onto the ground….dead silence. 

Birds chirp for a minute, then the roaring of an SUV engine on the road, and a few seconds later it is deafened by the hooting of an over-speeding motorcycle. Birds chirp, the sound of the gate being opened… dead silence.

Cut Through the Noise

I can hear an airplane in the sky. Who even travels with this Corona menace? A car door slams; that one must be late for something. But it’s a Sunday morning; where the hell could they be going? Oh, sorry, it’s 8.25am. My apologies, it’s because I just woke up.

Apparently I slept on the couch; how I ended up comfortable with a blanket and a pillow, I still don’t know. My living room is a mess—well,  from the look of things, my whole life is.

I need saving. I guess I need it. Something that will cut through the noise and keep me focused for life Wait, my stomach is doing those things it does to inform me that I am hungry. You know, those itchy, burning swirls or whatever the movement, but yes, those things you imagine people with ulcers going through, that is what I am feeling.

What should I do first? Add on a grey hoodie to this fleek body and sip them as I go to look for breakfast, or just be a good boy and make myself some omelette? Don’t forget, I have several tabs open, and my notebook looks like it’s saying I left a blog post halfway read. That aside, I have my chalice on the table, a matchstick, and two lifeless remnants lying on either side of my laptop.

Technology in Entrepreneurship

Is my life okay? Is this the right way to wake up? No, is there a thing like waking up? Or perhaps it’s those days when I crawl out of bed onto the mat and make that solid 5-minute prayer? Or those days I wake up, have a cup of coffee, and then go for a morning run? Does that run really help if we are not losing belly fat?

But, today

Today is just not any of those; today I didn’t wake up right; today I woke up to a phone that was off, and after I turned it on, next thing I knew, I was sitting on my laptop to write this up.


I did not wake up right; today I woke up hungry, so I might as well be angry at whoever woke me up, but I can’t because I woke me up, and it’s not human nature to blame yourself, so we shall blame the fact that I slept with lights on and on an empty stomach, but is this the first time? No!

Hold on a little,

I am hungry.

Let me look for breakfast; I will be back.

Cut Through the Noise