Sharon Mundia, the truth about Nairobi women.

October 10, 2017
October 10, 2017 tolbert

Popular media personality, Sharon Mundia has had her fair share of the weekend and an early Monday after Kenyans sought out to mind her business for her. Well, in as much you might be having the screenshot in your phone gallery and just like me are not sure whether to believe it or not, here are five things you need to know….


Social media is not everyone’s playground! In as much as there are so many Kenyans spending their time on social media, most Nairobi career women are only on social media to either promote a friends product or have pages they follow because its their one stop shop or among their trusted sources of information. This is the reason you will follow them and they won’t follow back! It is because, YOU DON’T MATTER to them anyway. Are you getting returns on your hardly earned bundles? You can earn from them if you choose to. 


Choices are personal! Kenyans need to understand one thing, NO ONE OWES YOU AN EXPLANATION. We are all brought up in a different way and we only owe explanation to no one but ourselves. Once one becomes an adult, you get to choose what is good for you and you only. Maturity is knowing that you need no approval from anyone to determine what is good for you, so yes let us all MATURE UP! 


Its the 21st Century! Times are changing and we need to come to terms with this fact, the sooner the better. Nairobi is the country’s capital and most trends will hit the country from this beautiful city. The scene is changing and there is more than what meets the eye. Like I said earlier no one owes you an explanation of what the do and how well they do it. Truth be told is that a lot is happening that what meets the eye and you better be ready for it. 


We have bills to pay! Yes most of the Nairobi women have bills to pay and do not care what the world thinks of how they get to figure that out. There was a time when we you used to bash out chics like Huddah but now we are very busy buying their products and taking selfies with them like they have just become angels. The truth is, talk is cheap and most of these ladies know this so well. So before you head to social media to bash out and name call, ask yourself if at all you are paying their bills, if not then just shut the f&^% up! 


Street Cred! In the age of civilization, gender equity and women empowerment, the Nairobi women has come to realize that the last thing you can survive is street credits, not at all. On an early morning, you will find more ladies in town rushing to head to work than you will find men. Truth of the matter is that, the women is doing her thing though. Talking about them and struggling to please you who is idle and in your comfort is least of their concerns. All they know is, looking for their money and achieving their goals then mtapatana kwa hizi street ukilia vile madem wa siku hizi ni ngumu kudate! SEE YOUR LIFE 


That’s all for now, go out and GET YOUR LIFE MOVING.


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