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October 22, 2017
October 22, 2017 tolbert

I write this with pain of the shame that Man U has made me go through. I have had the longest night as a Manchester fan and I am already asking myself if I should keep supporting the team. But you will agree with me that once you are a fan, a single defeat can never take down your love for the team. If you don’t think so then ask Arsenal fans. Now, apart from all the talk it still remains a fact that we are NUMBER 2, on the table. 


Well, what I can promise you is that Man U is going to lead the league this season! José Mourinho has crafted the team this season in a way that all the other coaches are considering to emulate in the next season and a season lead is the least we can expect. The Uniteds have been winning all the matches since the league started that everyone became a Man U fan and wanted to know how they will perform ahead of each game. This has one lesson to teach us, do your best and the world will join and make space for you. 


Yesterday, in the afternoon just before the match, I attended my graduation for the Centonomy  #CampusEdition that teaches on the essentials of financial management. Among the guests speakers who came graced the event were, Wanjiru Gichaga, a female pilot, Job Jura the founder of Home 254 and Mwenesi Musalia who answered my biggest puzzle on when is the right time to quit employment when you love what you are doing? 


I can stress enough the fact that at some point you have to call it quits and he too agreed to that. However, he says there is a difference between loving what you do and doing what you want. When you do what you want, you are driven by desire, which is instant and burns right within you that you cannot have peace with yourself unless you achieve it. This should be the driving force to your daily errands, strive to do what you want. The secret to this is how you package yourself and your message.  He further stresses the point that when you are deliberate and purposeful in all that you do, everyone will make space for you and your uniqueness.


Finally, you and I will both agree that Mourinho and the entire Manchester United team is deliberate and committed to nothing but winning the league this season. This however does not end there, they have packaged the team, based on its formation and match line ups in a way that winning almost becomes the only thing they can achieve. This has made us associate them winning and hence reserved the winning spot for them that when they were defeated yesterday it became the concern of everyone. That should be YOU to the WORLD, succeed in all that you do in that when you fail once, everyone becomes concerned and want to help you get back to your feet again! trick



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