Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

May 15, 2021
May 15, 2021 tolbert

How do you review a book when all you have done is live through it page by page? But isn’t that what we do best? Us introverts can write you pages and pages, if only it will save us from going outside. We know how to communicate, how to tell stories and how to get everyone concentrating, we just don’t have to shout it verbally, you know what I mean?

If you are here, you either agree with the first paragraph, know what I mean or, you have no idea what I mean and think by going a notch deeper, a few sentences deeper, you will get to understand it. I am sorry, I need introverts here first. The rest of you please move back.

If you have always been asking yourself, how other introverts have made it in life, big businesses, a career, their life figured out, and then there is you. Always indoors, probably in your room all day. Burying yourself in lots of drafts or so many ideas and pending projects that you have been postponing just because part of the process entails talking to people. This book is for you and you are not in your room, you are in your pantry.

If you are here, successful or starting to be, this book is for you. You are doing well in your career, smashing goals and targets like no one’s business but not courageous enough to stand at the parade and collect the trophies, this is definitely for you. Shonda covers it all, how to get out of the pantry and into the world outdoor.

If you are passionate about rights, justice and fairness in society, female entrepreneurship, feminism and you name it all, this is your handbook. “You know I don’t own a twitter account and I am not good with engaging online strangers” and every other lie you have yourself for not putting your voice out there, this, is the book you need in your life. No matter the space, the platform, the date and the time, if you have the voice in your then you have the power to let the world hear it.

Then there is this group, they probably will not get here. The “lazy” chaps, those who have the greatest of ideas but somehow can’t execute them because their idea involves looping in other people and the thought of it just drains them. The “nah, lemme just save it on cloud then one day I will bring it out when I am ready” man, this is your book please get a copy as early as today because you are late for the class.

Year of Yes is a page-turner. one sweet book. You live through the life of the author and hear their voice, each and every alphabet of it, the pausing, the laugh, the silence in between the commas and everything that comes with it. You will get this well when you switch between reading the book and taking a break to go on YouTube and watch the speeches because Shonda said so. You will love the story, you will love her style of writing, you will love her shows and all the Chris(s) in the book. When I say it is a page-turner, trust me it is. Enjoy!

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